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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Every Silver Lining Has Its Cloud...

...and the great, grey cloud covering the sky from horizon to horizon early this morning even dumped a little rain on us as we six (Carole, Margot, Sue, Paul, Attila and I) (what's a little rain when you're already wet?) picked our way to the southern buoy through waters inexplicably thick with "moon jellies" (tip for swimming through moon jelly "tapioca": Keep your head down and your mouth closed!).

But typical of this open-water season thus far, by the time we emerged onto the beach, the sun had started to poke its way through the clouds, and our morning ablutions at the boathouse were ever-so-faintly tinged with sunshine.

By the way, recent cutting-edge medical research, as well as anecdotal testimony from an ever-growing number of converts, suggests that the peculiar symptoms and behaviors characteristic of "Longo-itis" -- public disrobing, and lathering and frothing under an outdoor shower -- far from being symptoms of a dreaded disease, actually turn out to be a pretty good idea! The eponymic Ken Longo, whose beachside toilette ritual has been widely reported and photographed, was recently nominated for a lifetime achievement award by the American Academy of Time Management and Efficiency Experts, but was unfortunately disqualified when he showed up at the award ceremony wearing nothing but a skimpy Speedo.

See you in the Salt!


  1. Carol, great shots! margot's is nearly x-rated, but quite sexy, and Carol's mouth bubble is a gem. :)

  2. DQ?!!! There's a DQ for incidental contact with a towel? I mean it's definitely not because I am wearing an illegal bathing suit!