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Friday, May 18, 2012

Never Swim Alone...

...unless no one else shows up to swim, and the morning beach is warm, sunny and calm, and the swans and the flat blue water are beckoning to you and calling you by name....

I could not resist the call today, and, no one else being available, resigned myself to a solitary morning swim...The beach was deserted when I arrived shortly after 8:00, with not another car in the parking lot and only a lone clamboat far off in the distance. The water was calm and flat, with the gentlest of breezes softly rippling the surface, and the morning sun glinting off the water and reflecting off the newly sandy bottom (thanks to the 20,000 tons of fresh sand recently delivered by the Town in anticipation of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend). Brand spanking new swim lines and pristine buoys stretched taut against the incoming tide as I entered the water in front of the bathhouse, and the cool-but-not-cold-water felt delicious on my bare arms (my full wetsuit now relegated to a hanger in favor of my "Long John" wetsuit as the water temperature now hovers at 60 degrees). 

I swam north along the Causeway, waving to the driver of a boat that passed at a comfortable distance, and stopping to exchange pleasantries with a fisherman along the shore.  He wasn't catching anything, but his broad smile as he announced this in response to my shouted question telegraphed that he wasn't there for the fish so much as for the fishing...much as I was there -- alone in that gorgeous, boundless, aquamarine bed of water -- not so much for the swim as for the swimming....

Yes, the rule is, "Never swim alone"...that is, unless you have to...and this morning, I absolutely had to!

I'll be doing it again tomorrow morning at 8:00 -- unless you join me! See you in the Salt!

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