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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Week in Review

The week began with reports that Monday morning's swim was bumpy and rough, in sharp contrast to the glass-like conditions we've had at West Neck Beach virtually since the open-water season opened on Memorial Day weekend. Those gentle conditions kindly resumed for us on Tuesday, when we were accompanied by Gae's son Sam trying out his new kayak, and Ken emerged from the water with a swan feather in his bathing cap and proclaimed himself a "Friend of the Swans." (This may be a new symptom of "Longoitis," which has now advanced to a fulminating stage, as seen by the photo of Ken by the showers...)

Nature's kindness ended on Wednesday, when a brisk northerly wind collided with an outgoing tide to make our swim (Todd, Rob, Ken, Margot, Carole, Sue, and I) along the Causeway like a trip to the laundromat, tossing us about like so many dirty socks....Sue Robinson weathered it like the seasoned lifeguard she is: "Should I throw up now, or later?" (Nancy Lipira, who is not like us mere mortals, didn't seem to notice the conditions as she passed us on our labored return trip, heading out alone toward the sailboat, as effortlessly as an oceanliner.)

Ken had so much fun he decided to bag the 5K in the Bay and sign on for "The Full Monty," and he's going for the 10K with his fellow crazy person, Rob Martell, leaving his friends to wonder if this is just another symptom....

This morning (Saturday) another big crowd of Bob Miller-ites showed up at Crescent Beach -- some of us to take advantage of the opportunity to test the waters -- and the fearsome currents! -- of Huntington Bay in preparation for the upcoming 5K/10K race. Not much sign of the pesky northerly wind that's been roiling Cold Spring Harbor all week, and the outgoing tide wasn't too frisky! Let's hope next week's incoming tide is just as benign!

Back to West Neck Beach tomorrow (where Rob Todd reports that "whitecap" conditions continued today!), at 8:00 a.m. for a Fourth of July swim! (Some of us will be starting earlier -- 7:00 "in the water" -- to do a second loop with the 8:00 group. Feel free to join us, or Rob and his clan who no doubt will be going out even earlier --check your e-mails for times.) There'll be an outgoing tide -- and hopefully NO WIND!

It's the 4th of July weekend and there are LOTS OF BOATS OUT THERE so be careful!

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  1. Ken sure soaped up well there.

    Love the pics, Carol.