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Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July 2010

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! The West Neck Pod celebrated this holiday as it does most others, with a gaggle of swimmers hitting the water for what turned out to be a gorgeous swim in perfect conditions. Paul Nugent, a confirmed "Poolie," even suited up to join us for a swim in the open water! (but only because the YMCA was closed for the holiday). He didn't seem to mind getting a little extra salt in his diet, though -- in fact, he came back and joined us again this morning (despite his deep disappointment at being stood up by his intended swim-buddy Ken, who apparently celebrated the coming of Independence Day with too many mojitos...a beverage with which the Founding Fathers were no doubt well acquainted...)
Ken was in fine form for the Fourth of July swim, though, despite being unable to find his....well, I don't know what Ken and the "Robinson Sisters" (Sue Robinson and her daughter Kaitlin -- yes, they really are two separate people) were looking for here...

After the swim, everyone posed for a rare (fully clothed!) photo...and made plans to "do it again tomorrow."

And, indeed, we did this morning, in still-perfect conditions! Bonnie Millen joined the "Causeway Club," completing her first swim to the sailboat and back, and Joye Brown, who'd been practicing "sighting," lifted her head just in time to avoid bisecting it on the propeller of the moored boat she was making a beeline for! By the way, Tommy Capobianco's e-mailed comment about swimming for the first time without his "shorty" wetsuit, "thanks to me," should not be misunderstood....He was wearing a bathing suit!

There's a group going out tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6:00, and I'll be swimming again on Wednesday and Thursday at 6:15...Then that's it for me (except for the Open-Water Swimming Clinic with Shelley Taylor-Smith on Saturday) until the 5K/10K in the Bay on Sunday!

See you in the Salt!

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